Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral

More & more of our customers are aware of the environmental issues surrounding car pollution, but also see cars as an integral part of their lives and difficult to be without. imotorist is an environmentally conscious company and can help motorists reduce THEIR impact LOCALLY.

We want to help our customers in reducing the environmental impacts of cars as we believe the UK should have the lowest levels of greenhouse gas emissions and air and noise pollution from cars. To achieve this firstly the manufacturers need to make the cleanest cars possible, next the government needs transport & fuel policies that encourage efficiency and smart behaviour, and pricing that makes polluters pay for pollution, not society as a whole. Finally drivers need to take responsibility for car servicing, driving behaviour and car usage.

Why pollute locally & be green globally?

How can imotorist help?

We can’t reduce fuel prices but we can SAVE YOU MONEY ON FUEL. Fit our unique fuel saving system to your car and  INCREASE your cars MPG by 10% to 30%Cut the day to day running costs of your car dramatically while reducing your carbon footprint LOCALLY.

All our systems have a return on investment of less than 12 months, ie you will save more than you spend and reduce your carbon foot print too.

To maximise the MPG & reduce CO2 a number of factors also need to be addressed.

ENGINE CLEAN. All engines generate carbon & sludge build up, which effects the efficiency at which it can run and therefore how well it burns fuel. The more internal carbon & sludge build up the more fuel used and more pollution created. Using specialist equipment & treatments from a global market leader we can clean engines, EGR systems, intake & associated hoses.



Research shows that if the tyre pressures are incorrect then the car will use 10% more fuel, wear the tyres quicker and increase braking distances. imotorist can fit tyre pressure sensors on each wheel or a complete digital system with internal display. We only recommend TPMS that are cost effective and will pay back very quickly and have the added benefit of reducing your carbon foot print.