Car Servicing

Car Servicing

imotorist established in 2003 gives independent motorists freedom and choice for car servicing, MOTS & repairs. Our aim is to save motorist money by simply reducing labour rates & give exceptional service too. We service NEW CARS still in warranty, older cars out of warranty and offer budget servicing too.


SAVE OVER 60% on Dealer rates.

SAVE OVER 60% on Dealer rates.

New Cars Under Warranty

In 2002 legislation gave customers freedom to have their cars serviced independently. You do have a choice, why pay more?

This is what the DTI and motoring press have been saying ever since

  • “You can save a packet by having your car serviced at a non franchise dealer”
  • “Independents typically charge a third less for servicing than main dealers”
  • “Block exemption legislation in 2002 relaxed the rules on where you can get your car serviced without invalidating the warranty”

Imotorist is a specialist independent service centre for BMW, Audi & VW group cars. However we can service all makes & models, still under manufacturer’s warranty and GUARANTEE the warranty won’t be invalidated.

We achieve this through investing in up to date technical data, diagnostic equipment, tools, working according to manufacturer schedules and using original parts. The difference is in our labour rate which is up to 60% cheaper than main dealers and our lower overheads.

The majority of our business comes from customer recommendations. In addition we also service and repair cars for insurance companies such as CHURCHILL, warranty companies such as THE AA, and fleet management companies such as FLEET SUPPORT GROUP.

Imotorist is committed to providing EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE for your car and EXCEPTIONAL PERSONAL SERVICE to our customers.

To see how much we can save you without compromising your standards or warranty, call Imotorist now on 01254 677707.


Out of Warranty Servicing

For cars out of warranty imotorist offer customers two service packages, Premier and Classic.

Both are identical except in the parts used, for Premier servicing we fit only ORIGINAL parts and for Classic we fit genuine quality parts direct from market leaders who supply the car manufacturers OEM.

Premier is for customers who want to continue having their cars serviced as it was during the warranty period using original parts. Classic is for customers who want an alternative.

The only other difference is in the price, Classic servicing is up to 30% cheaper than our Premier servicing, the choice is yours, you the customer decide which is best for your car and best suits your budget.

In either case imotorist guarantee EXCEPTIONAL SERVICING for your car and EXCEPTIONAL PERSONAL SERVICE FOR YOU.

To see how much you could save, call imotorist now 01254 677707

Budget Servicing

Budget Servicing, gives customers the option to only pay for what your car needs, when it needs it. This flexibility helps keep maintenance costs to a minimum without compromising on safety.

This service package appeals to customers with low annual mileage, cars used infrequently, and those that do not warrant extra expense because of the cars age or value.

For example a low mileage car may only need an oil filter changing, however the recommended service schedule would include a whole list of parts that are probably still reusable without impacting reliability or safety.

When a car is booked in for a Budget service, we inspect the car and list the service items into three groups:

  • ESSENTIAL (Those that must be replaced)
  • RECOMMENDED (Those that are on the manufacturers service schedule)
  • ADVISORY (Those that can be left till a later date)

You the customer can then decide how much work you want completing, to suit your circumstances and budget.

To see how much you could save, call imotorist now!