Whether it’s the scratch that appeared in the supermarket car park, the dent from that stray golf ball or the result of a bigger accident any damage to your car is distressing.

imotorist prides itself on returning your car to its original condition, whatever the damage and makes the repair invisible to the eye. We use original parts for those that cannot be repaired, manufacturers original paint and materials to match and check the finish is to the highest standards.


Our approach to diagnostics is systematic & customer friendly with updates at each stageĀ as progress is made.

Alloy Wheel Repair

Small scuffs and scratches to your alloy wheels can often be repaired and may not require a replacement wheel.

Dent Repair

Small dents to your car caused by car doors and shopping trolleys can be easily repaired with the dent taken out to a high quality restoration.

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Scratch Repair

Scratches to the paintwork can spoil the appearance of your car. Using advanced technology and paint application, we can help restore your car to its former glory.

Major Repair

If the worst happens and you accidently damage your car, there are two options open to you. Let your insurance company decide where to have the repairs done or insist on having your car repaired by imotorist as your preferred Bodyshop. In most cases the final choice of repairer is yours. For more information regarding any of the above service please contact us.